'Now to Him Who, by in consequence of the action of His power that is at work within us,
is able to carry out His purpose and do superabundantly,
far over and above all that we dare ask or think, infinitely
beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams."
Ephesians 3:20

The coffee route with music habit

When a habituated to the consumption of soluble coffee palate meets for the first time with the world of specialty coffee , the consequences are irreversible. In recent years, they are increasingly small temples where the doctrine of good coffee is preached. Hand of the master baristas , a new community of faithful fans conversos- – and this drink was born.

What do we mean when we talk about specialty coffee?

Experts say we are going through the “third wave coffee” . The first corresponds to the popularization of instant coffee after World War II. The second coincides with the emergence of retail chains in the style of Starbucks, in the mid-1970s Currently, this latest wave, the production process has become more complex: the beans are harvested in exclusive microlots, toasted by techniques laboratory and subjected to scrupulous preparation by real specialists.

“If one plant was harvested in 2000 or 1500 meters high, you will get a totally different coffee. Precisely for this reason it is called ‘specialty’ because every little detail influences the final result , “ says Gabriel Gazdik, owner of Style Barista , along with his partner Martina Vigo. Both trained as baristas in Australia, decided to import the format to Buenos Aires, where the phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular.“You you can have the best grain in the world but if Molés very thin or very thick, or if the pressure is not correct, the taste will change and will spoil all the good harvest” , they insist. In turn, climatic conditions directly affect the raw material, which forces have to constantly calibrate the machines so that the flavor is desired.

Susan Hewitt, star barista The Shelter Coffee , believes the key lies in the details: “Everything is very thorough. Get a good coffee not only involves having a good machine or a good point. The amounts have to be precise, everything has to be clean and must be aware not to skip any steps to try to always come out the same. “

Matthias Celentano, one of the founders of the newly Habit Café , summarizes the three pillars that should be respected for quality coffee: Grain care, proper equipment and ability who implements it .


Wielding the filter holder in one hand and her apron tight at the waist, baristas move scurrying behind the bar filling cup after cup. Away from the glamor enjoyed by the sommeliers, coffee specialists must let off steam accelerated to grind, filter, serve and correct on the fly pace. In their hands lies the enormous responsibility of preparing a distinctive coffee, to rise to the occasion. Much of their work also involves the presentation of the beverage through the “latte art” . Taking the cup as a canvas, the baristas scribbling drawings of hearts, flowers or swans using the milk foam and acrylic.

In this regard, Hewitt believes that ” it is important to draw temperature, texture and amount of air is injected into the milk. Not the same a thick milk a thin milk for latte art. ” It is ephemeral works of art go hand in hand with the era Instagram .

Moreover, some baristas try to disseminate their knowledge to amass high – end consumption. “We like that young people come and discover what is coffee. Do not want that to remain only in the most demanding palates or more travel, but all are encouraged to try it, “ says Maritza Rangel, responsible for The Shelter .

The relaxed atmosphere lends itself to the client ask, try and learn. Usually, the average consumer is accustomed to drinking coffee super heated and with exaggerated added sugar. Therefore, from habit , Celentano offers a mini kind of coffee for each of its new visitors: “I think the most important thing is to talk and instruct. It seems to me a shame that he speak only to him who knows.There are many who do that, focusing a lot on your product. For me it is more about the experience of place, music, attention, talk. That is, all that you offer the customer holistically and not only through a cup of coffee. If everything else goes, it does not work “.


With own label

While the circuit cafes specialty has grown exponentially, each room boasts a different profile. The versatility of the drink enables a multiplicity of styles. Here, the sites were lucky enough to visit in Buenos Aires:

Barista Style : Cerrito 1224

Martina Gabriel Vigo Gazdik and contacted the world of coffee during a trip to Australia where they worked and trained with experts over a year. In June 2016 they opened their own store in downtown Buenos Aires. They offer a single source grain from Guatemala. One of its main differential is the vegan alternative coffee with almond milk.

Coffee Habit : Mexico 1152

In Hábito no day in the bar, or custom plastic cups fibrón. Celentano and Javier Matias Schulze, intended to create a complete experience for its customers. Jazz records sound from end to end and there is no place for random lists of Spotify. Work with a blend of three Brazilian farms and weekday offer free coffee from 10:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 17:00. Ideal for college audience.

The Shelter Coffee : Arroyo 940

Behind a wall of gray, the precious shelter founded by Jaime Chmea over a year ago lurks. His motto is: “We strive for excellence behind every cup”. They feature a blend composed of grains of Colombia, Zambia and Bolivia. His barista, Colombian Susana Hewitt works with one of the best coffee machine rentals singapore. Special mention for the local setting, down to the smallest detail.