'Now to Him Who, by in consequence of the action of His power that is at work within us,
is able to carry out His purpose and do superabundantly,
far over and above all that we dare ask or think, infinitely
beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams."
Ephesians 3:20

Music management in restaurants: more than a simple musical thread

A few weeks ago we talked about music in waiting rooms or the importance of music in hotels and restaurants . That is why today we want to delve a little more into the subject and tell you about the importance of good music management in restaurants.

In addition, we will put a series of examples of restaurants and renowned chefs from that make an excellent musical management . That, apart from making the client fly with the flavors, it also does it with music and with www.chefmod.com.

The importance of good music management in restaurants

From the first moment you set out to open your restaurant, you start to take into account a series of factors: investment, products, target audience, marketing, etc.

One of the factors within marketing and that sometimes is not about the best way is audio marketing . And, the love for a brand also enters through the ears.

Music and good musical management in restaurants is a great potential to get emotionally connected with your client. In a pleasant way, entertaining and, above all, nothing intrusive.

And, it is that a good musical management consists in knowing how to choose the right music to your identity, to the desires and preferences of your clients , to the aesthetics and thematic of your business.

Music can make your customers or diners connect to another level with the food or tasting served in your restaurant. Make that experience exclusive and unforgettable. Because the gastronomic delight and the musical recreation are compatible activities.

Therefore, it is very important to control the musical management in restaurants, to know how to select the right music style, choose the right artists and avoid that your place is in an awkward silence because your list of songs ends.

The experiences that we live accompanied by music are always stored in our memory, in our palate. There are moments that we only remember because of the musical thread that accompanied us.

And not only that, but the music has a series of effects on us and the marketing expert, Celestino Martínez , summarized in 3 points:

  1. It induces moods: we tend to relate, as we said earlier, melodies with memories or lived experiences.
  2. The rhythms of the music modify the behavior: for example, in fast food chains like Burger King, when the place is very full, they change the music at a faster pace. In this way they get their customers to eat faster and leave room for the next ones.
  3. Certain musical styles facilitate conversation and intimacy.

Examples of good music management in restaurants

At OriginalMusic, the legal Spotify for business , we know the importance of good music management in restaurants, hotels, clinics, etc. That is why we value when someone does it really well.

Here we want to show you two  great chefs worldwide who have done a good musical managementin their restaurants as well as the artistic elaboration of their dishes.

That good management and that importance they give to music to make great tastings, are what make them create incredible dishes.

Mugaritz Restaurant: musical and gastronomic fusion

A couple of years ago, chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and musician Felipe Ugarte created a documentary called ” Mugaritz BSO “.

This documentary tried to merge music with gastronomy. To achieve this, the musician was studying several dishes of the restaurant. Its characteristics, its feelings or its history in order to capture its musical equivalent note by note.

In it you can see the whole process of creation: from the beginning of the preparation of the dishes, the search for new melodies in Peru and Ethiopia that could capture each ingredient , even the study work.

This is where, above all, this link between the gastronomic and the musical must be expressed. Where more present must be.

The Somni (the dream) of the Roca brothers

The Somni , created by the Roca brothers and Franc Aleu, is a transmedia work that unites image, material, music, flavor and smell. All this in an opera-meal about the cyclical journey of human existence.

This opera / dinner is divided into 12 acts for 12 guests and more than 40 artists participated. The innovative format of the contemporary opera stands out, which proposes to the viewer to live a unique experience through a multi-format show.

12 well-known personalities participated in the opera / dinner and were curious to experiment and go beyond the senses. Among the diners we find Ferran Adrià, chef and owner of El Bulli or Josep Pons, musical director of the Teatre del Liceu.

The creation of El Somni materializes in a film, dinner / opera, a book, an exhibition and Creative Letters Barcelona . These are visual tools to promote creative thinking and used in this creation as a source of inspiration.

The ease with which these chefs make incredible creations and join them to the musical art, makes their dishes and tastings special and unique. They manage to teleport their guests through all the senses.

Try to convey emotions to your guests through the dishes, but also through music. Forget that music management is exclusive for big business, there are a lot of artists and music without royalties with a very good musical quality. Let us advise you and you will see how you discover many possibilities.

From OriginalMusic we help you get the musical thread that best suits your needs and those of your guests. We have services like Moski Pro , where you will find a great selection of artists and musical styles designed exclusively to facilitate the musical management of restaurants.

What do you think of the creations of these great chefs? Do you consider it important to achieve good music management in restaurants? Tell us your opinions in the comments, we are willing to read you.

And remember that at OriginalMusic we advise you to improve the musical management in your restaurant . If you want to know the services we have available for you, you can find them here . Each of them have been designed to adapt to different needs of you and your business.