'Now to Him Who, by in consequence of the action of His power that is at work within us,
is able to carry out His purpose and do superabundantly,
far over and above all that we dare ask or think, infinitely
beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams."
Ephesians 3:20

Joven says she is “pregnant” by the late singer Martín Elías

It has already been more than a week since the tragic departure of Martín Elías here in a tragic traffic accident on the roads of Sincelejo . After a mass funeral, where the whole Diaz family was shattered, the image of the singer and his family still occupies much of the country’s news.

On this occasion a statement of great caliber  touches the private life of the deceased artist, especially his image as an exemplary father and good husband. According to La negra candela  , two cases of women who claim to have maintained relations with Martín Elías are known.

The story is like this: one of the involved would be from Barrancabermeja and claims to be “pregnant with the singer”. The other, says on his website the Negra Cadela, even went to the funeral of the son of Diomedes Díaz.

“There is talk of a beautiful woman with a black cap who cried tirelessly over the coffin as one of them and whom” supposedly “Martin’s musicians had allowed to enter the premises through the door six to camouflage her from the rest of the family. Now it is said that a girl from Barrancabermeja said she is pregnant with the young singer, “she wrote ‘La negra candela’.

But, everything seems to be no more than a trick to take advantage of the fame and name of Martin Elias . “Preparemonos for the large number of women who are going to come to the fore to ensure their closeness to Martin and, obviously, to award him fictitious children. Fortunately, if something had Martin Elias clear was his great love for his ‘Monita linda’ and his two children, and the learning obtained from his father Diomedes Díaz to leave children scattered around and whose consequences he lived in his own flesh. So alert! because the revivals (sic) are going to start appearing to fish in troubled waters because they expect to earn something as fisherwomen. We must not believe them! “ The journalist said on her website.