'Now to Him Who, by in consequence of the action of His power that is at work within us,
is able to carry out His purpose and do superabundantly,
far over and above all that we dare ask or think, infinitely
beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams."
Ephesians 3:20

Does it help you lose weight music?

Who of us does not like the music is well known that different styles of music are good stimulants while doing some activity and what better reason than propose the goal of losing weight. There are investigations into the effects of music on the brain and the types of music help activate or relax while studying, reading or exercise.

In conducting these investigations certain type of music that helps increase physical activity was discovered and has been compiled in different CDs to achieve stimulate brain waves and motivate you to lose weight exercise is performed. In addition most of this music is pleasant to our ears and motivating.

For example there are exercises in which much activity is required and that is why music is very cheerful and motivates you to continue making constant exercise but there are certain types of exercise such as yoga, meditation, etc. In which the music is relaxing because the aim is to help the body remove stress and relax during stretching.


We could say that if, because music is a stimulant. 

In general when we submit to diet also we put us in a bad mood because we can not eat what we like and restrict certain foods that commonly we include in our diet.

This is where the music comes, if we hear that we like a lot, relaxes us and motivates us in times of stress, this will help make more bearable fact a diet reducing our levels of anxiety and can lose weight more easily.


Making music is part of our daily life and being on a diet is helpful because music has a great effect on people, such as the stress of daily life often puts us in a bad mood and anxious, but if we heard one of our favorite songs immediately changes our faces, we get good and relax our body.

But as we make it happen, it is very simple, hearing the sounds we like our brain releases certain amount of serotonin which is a hormone that helps control sleep and mood, is also called hormone of happiness so It is causing effects in the body.

One of the functions of serotonin is to help the central nervous system to function properly, if the levels of this hormone come to decline, affects the health greatly and can be easily observed that people tend to become depressed, they stop doing like activities, they reduce the amount of exercise, have no appetite and therefore do not eat properly.

So if serotonin levels increase we can help our body is motivated to exercise and eat healthy foods to help you lose weight.

Boost Serotonin and ELIMINATES STRESS!

For many people dieting generates a lot of stress mainly because one of the reasons we have is to achieve weight loss, but while still doing the diet does not happen, we subject the body to greater stress, we get cranky and even tend to leaving aside the diet not achieve the expected results.

If you can stimulate through music serotonin secretion in the immediately you will begin to counteract stress generated in your brain and body will be of great help to carry out the diet you have chosen to follow.

Increases serotonin TO HAVE A GOOD APPETITE!

As mentioned stress when entering the body, serotonin levels fall but if we do the opposite action, stimulate music through the production of serotonin, the body does not need as much food to feel satisfied and for that reason decrease appetite.

Just eat whatever is necessary, decreasing anxiety eating foods that do not need generated by stress.


Previously people used to listen to music their way to work or in places where they ate, etc. But often it was not the music they liked but that they had to listen because it was he was wearing the bus operator or the owners of the kitchens where they ate, etc.

But modernity and new technologies have enabled us we can hear the music we like at all times, just need a fitshop review, good pair of headphones and our music player call it iPod, portable media player, tablet, mobile, finally there are many ways to listen to your favorite music and you better listen while performing exercise, for example when we run, trot or use the bicycle and can also help improve the intensity and frequency with which we exercise without realizing your step will be constant and rhythm.

By providing all these benefits to the body as well as improving health You can help coordination and eventually go increasing the amount of exercise.

It is important to note that exercise under 30 minutes is just keeping exercise, but if you want to burn fat you realize it is above 30 minutes.

Do not forget to listen to your favorite music and playlists prepare before doing the routine you get used, it will be very fun and healthy for your body besides that you will be in a better mood during the day.


At present there are many television programs in performing exercise routines and always combined with good music and motivate viewers to follow these routines.

But not only in the exercise, also most children’s educational programs contain music and dances for children, if you have children allows them to see this type of program music and watch them take out a good smile. Play with your children and motivate them to have a healthy lifestyle listening to music and exercising along with a proper diet will help them to have good health in general.