'Now to Him Who, by in consequence of the action of His power that is at work within us,
is able to carry out His purpose and do superabundantly,
far over and above all that we dare ask or think, infinitely
beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams."
Ephesians 3:20

Biit launches its application for Android and Blackberry

It became the most downloaded application of the App Store during the days of its launch . And it is that with 250,000 downloads it can be said that it had a round success among the public of our country. Biit is a totally free mobile music service that allows just that, listening to music, but without the need to create playlists or anything like that. In addition, it is totally legal, and is safe from closures and threats that are closed on the free content services.

So far it has only been released for iPhone, but today it can be downloaded for Android and Blackberry devices . Of course, until February 8, only those who are Tuenti users can get it, or by accessing www.biit.fm/android from your Android, or www.biit.fm/blackberry , from your Blackberry PGP

With the ten promises that you can find right above, they present their final release to the public , although they already left there for the month of November, when they also gave us the opportunity to interview them .

Free and legal alternative

With users who refuse to pay for the services they can get for free through the Internet, and with the authors who refuse to understand users and start negotiating, applications like Biit help set a precedent that shows they can be served free content without losing money.


Biit on Android

Biit monetizes its service through advertising. An advertising nothing annoying that plays every good number of songs. This is a model that, at least to me, seems great. I think it’s the first step to leave behind illegal downloads and that we all start to reach an agreement regarding digital content . We all win, users listen for free, the service charges for advertising, the service pays the authors, and companies can advertise in an efficient way.

Biit and its operation

As for the operation of Biit, we must highlight its intelligent system, capable of selecting the best songs for us. This is lacking, since it does not allow us to choose specific songs that we want to listen to, as Spotify does. But on the other hand, it becomes a useful tool to discover new music. In addition, stations can be made with one or several main artists , which would include songs from genres or similar artists. The well-known online radios, like last.fm, are very popular among users who love music.

But now, instead of doing it in a web service, we do it from the mobile, and with an application of Spanish blood, totally free, and that works even without connection, as long as we synchronize the chosen channels when we are connected to WiFi or to the 3G. Without a doubt, it will be necessary to prove what is the functioning of this app in Android and Blackberry terminals.