'Now to Him Who, by in consequence of the action of His power that is at work within us,
is able to carry out His purpose and do superabundantly,
far over and above all that we dare ask or think, infinitely
beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams."
Ephesians 3:20

10 indispensable film for music lovers

A good movie, by definition, must have a soundtrack to match. Many classic reach that category because of what you hear when actors stop moving his lips. He inherited the best silent films, many directors have considered the soundtracks as a character which served to complete a story and create a unique sound and recognizable. We show some examples of great productions filmed with limited budget and minimal promotion but if you like good music, do not miss them on http://www.xmovies8.io

1. This is the Spinal Tap (1984): Rob Reiner directs this mockumentary about a decadent rock band. Hilarious satire on all topics of large groups of the seventies who have failed to withdraw in time. The gossips say that Steven Tyler and Ozzie Osborne did not make them an iota of grace the film.

2. 24 Hour Party People (2002):
The incredible, but absolutely real, dramatic story of the rise and fall of Factory Records label Manchester, origin of bands like Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays, and the famous Hacienda nightclub . A film to understand where it comes fromand where it is called ‘Sound Manchester’.

3. The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2005): The director Jeff Feuerzeig recovers the figure of Daniel  Johnston, a living legend of folk that has influenced bands like Nirvana or Perl Jam. The film, raw and equally hard,  discovers the person behind the artist. A genius, a complete, unique and unrepeatable artist who one day decided that his place in the world was the toilet. He got into it, pulled the chain and gave way to the legend.

4. Control (2007):
Ian Curtis, the poetic leader of Joy Division, was a guy full of contradictions.He moved through life as he moved around the stage. A jumps. No recognizable direction without ever looking back. He sought recognition and love and both fled when he knew he had found them . At the young age of 23, he decided that he had no more to tell and took off from the world by the back door. His legacy, short and insufficient for his legion of followers, remains its superb card.

5. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001): John Cameron Mitchell directed and starred in this adaptation of the famous rock musical off Broadway. The story of a world unknown rock singer and their efforts to achieve stardom and find love. Sex change operations, brilliant musical performances and a pace that leaves you breathless have made ​​this film a cult object in half theworld.

6. Gimme Shelter (1970):
How could it be less, sleep sixties had an expiration date and who better than The Rolling Stones for transmission. Jagger and company ran into reality when one of his concerts Hells Angels, hired for the occasion for security tasks, ended the life of one of his fans hotheads. The beautiful message of peace and love of the time ran out content and revealed the darkest of one of the best rock bands in history part.

7. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2002): Sam Jones directs this excellent documentary about Wilco, a band that begins to find, after many years of good work and a handful of great songs, their place in the pantheon of the music. The film tells the process that led by a more Jeff Tweedy tousled than usual, band finally crossed recording and releasing their fourth studio album, the celebrated ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’.

8. Some Kind of Monster (2004):
A documentary that shows with Metallica as a guinea pig, what big bands try to hide: too often members of a group are not supported. ‘Some Kind of Monster’ began as a ‘making of’ the album St. Anger but was drifting in a film complex on relations between the group members and the struggle of egos often becoming anything like the creative process of almost every major bands and / or rock companies

9. The Story of Anvil (2008): A film about an unknown metal band that achieved some notoriety in the early eighties. The director, Sacha Gervasi, wheel a story of friendship and loyalty between two men who train fame and fortune long ago left them stranded. A tape that demystifies rock bands and remember that music is a warehouse full of broken toys.

10. Sid and Nancy (1986):
Alex Cox puts his camera on the way to the destruction of one of the most famous couples in the history of music, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen . The daily life of a junkie who also played in the Sex Pistols, the band’s most famous punk history. The final was literally sung.

People nowadays need to improve musical intelligence

Musical intelligence is the ability to interact with musical material so that it is beneficial for the enjoyment of music and execution. It may consist of prepared considerations (as in what tempo play a part) as well as draw attention to the flow of the musical event (such as keeping the tempo of a piece). By interacting with the musical material and using intelimax, we can develope musical intelligence.


  1. Develop Musical Intelligence image titled Step 1
    Evaluate your skills. What are your strengths weak ?, what ?, What areas have opportunities to develop and what have limitations that may threaten your development (SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)? Each improve your skills required to be aware of where you are and where you’re going.
  2. Develop Musical Intelligence image titled Step 2
    Set a goal. Imagine, within reason, to where you want to go.
  3. Develop Musical Intelligence image titled Step 3
    Descompón your goals in a set of skills you’ll need. It is as specific as possible. Examples of these include music theory, footwork, playing with time, harmony, fingering, improvisation, breathing with the diaphragm while singing, etc.
  4. Develop Musical Intelligence image titled Step 4
    Watch the professionals and others who have achieved your goals. Find a teacher or someone who can put you in the right direction. Find videos of performances and its protagonists. Look at his hands, his feet, his posture, etc.
  5. Develop Musical Intelligence image titled Step 5

    Investigates. If you do not know how to run a trill in the piano, find out how.¿WikiCómo? WikiAhora!
  6. Develop Musical Intelligence image titled Step 6
    Learn about the genre of music you’re interested in learning. Some genres are associated with a group of techniques that the master them , will make musically intelligent in that scenario. For example, to play funk bass must be known pop and slap.
  7. Develop Musical Intelligence image titled Step 7
    Interacts with the musical material. This can not be emphasized enough. Touch it, sing it, Bailalo, sílbalo, write, scrunch it , break it , invest it , beat it , Step on it , throw it and mix.


  • Try to feel comfortable making mistakes, but make sure you delete them as you progress.
  • Put your mind to it. Be focused on something for 5 minutes is better than losing two hours of practice unconcentrated. Go as drifting can be a positive experience and can develop your musical intuition; however, be sure to be aware of what your goal before the session (5 minutes practicing scales or 20 minutes of madness with sax?).
  • Whatever you need to learn, go with someone who knows how. This is frequently the best way.
  • Practice makes perfection

Meet at 10 singers who train tirelessly to break this summer

They have sculpted bodies, almost sculpted with a chisel. perky tails, strong legs, abdominal marcadísimos.There are ten celebrities who are killed in the gym to be always in shape.

Meet at 10 celebrities who train tirelessly to break this summer

ey are so cute and sexy that arguably are almost perfect. Their bodies seem carved by the chisel of Michelangelo himself or as if they had escaped or been left out by mistake, the Fountain of the Nereids. But be fit, look divine is all work.

To the perky buttocks, firm legs, abs super marked, there is only one method: train, train and train. Some choose classic routines in the private training gyms or aerobics circuits others, but no less intense, quieter disciplines such as stretching and pilates. The most daring, they risk the controversial crossfit and proudly show off their accomplishments (tens of kilos of weights up) through social networks.

Yes, even the hard training, physical exertion or sweat can against her beauty. Forget about your neighbor, going to the gym in jogging and older and worn shirt you have in the closet. They use super calcites tight tops that leave the belly in the air and will always combed, almost like a hair salon. Miralas, enjoy them (and you also have the right to envy them a little)

1- David Meece

It is not enough to dance, for him to be fit is a lifestyle . That’s why he never escapes his routine. To bear witness to his perseverance, fotito in the gym.

2 Floppy Tesouro:

It has one of the “tails” more insults national celebrity. But keep things in place requires effort and dedication. So, nothing better than a few sessions climber.

3- Jesica Cirio:

The model is one of the icons of hard training and body healthy and fit. So much so, that has its own chain of gyms and other products such as cereal bars. Jesica Cirio performs all kinds of training: mattresses, Swiss balls and elastic ropes are some of the supplements that you choose when making your routine.

4- Zaira Nara :

In the gym, the smallest of the Nara is as classic as in all areas of your life. Short and top sneakers, shoes and bag tone. No detail is to neglect to Zaira when training. It is what might be called a flirtatious sportsman.

5- Mariana “Loly” Antoniale:

The stylized girlfriend Jorge Rial does not lose the opportunity to exercise. Not even when not at home. Despite being in the middle of rehearsals of the play during the summer to star in Carlos Paz, he manages to make your exercise routine on the balcony A, two, three …! And, incidentally, show some curves.

6- Silvina Escudero :

No weights or long and tortuous routines in the gym. Silvina, away from the stationary bicycles, treadmills and heavy dumbbells, prefer other exercise: Pilates . Proud successful opening, is photographed in full fatigues. Goddess.

7- Vanina Escudero:

Most of the Escudero is also a faithful coach. But, like her sister Silvina, she also chooses calmest disciplines. In her case, she chooses to take classes elongation . The idea is tofeel in harmony with your body and achieve total fulfillment.

China 8- Suarez:

“Being tired is no excuse to stop training Go, go, go !!!” , says China on its official Twitter account. And it is that the blonde, despite the fiaca that produces wear the trousers, shoes and break into the gym, it gives encouragement to herself and exercise has been said.Funny as it is, never misses an opportunity to play in front of the camera of your cell phone.

9- Catherine Fulop

If there is a pioneer in this train long and hard to achieve an enviable body, this is Cathy Fulop . Mentor and promoter of exercise, encouraged to follow suit with their own results.If you have to sweat, sweat it until the last drop and, seeing it, everything indicates that heis right.

Alejandra 10- Maglietti

When training, Maglietti is a tough girl. The blonde chooses crossfit, controversy and harsh discipline around which has generated much debate. The truth is that she does not fear the effort and so proud of the results obtained, it can be seen with a bar on top of the two super – heavy hanging discs.